An established partner for wine producers

Each grape we harvest is the result of the work of our winemakers who, today just like in the past, work to produce high quality wines, with a strong local appeal.

The Group

Mack & Schuhle Italia bases its entire corporate culture on values that, over time, have allowed it to achieve and maintain excellent results. Mutual respect, humility, devotion and gratitude for our land are the values that have guided the company’s choices, making our company one of the most reliable in Italy.

The Quality

Through the years we have constantly invested in the development and innovation of our production processes. To us, innovation means seeking maximum production efficiency while, at the same time, enhancing the qualityand properties of each individual product. This relentless desire to improve ourselves has allowed us to achieve important certifications such as the BRC – BRC Global standard for food safety issue 7, Grado AA e IFS – International Food Standard, which certify and ensure the highest quality at every stage of processing.

The Cellars

Our cellars, located in the most important regions of Italy, host the wines’ colours, flavours and traditions of each region.
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