Symbol of creativity and excellence in the Italian winemaking tradition


Zardetto is a true leader. Defying cliché,breaking rules and encouraging us to think freely, it follows only one rule: never settle for just playing the game but strive to change the game’s rules. Zardetto is not only a dreamer, it makes the dream come true;

It wants us to bedaring, target ambitious objectives, push the envelope and become the main actor of one’s future.

It is determined to give concrete shape to each creative idea. Out of the dream of reinventing the Prosecco experience a new ritual is born, an amazing sensorial experience dotted by many impalpable emotions.

Zardetto is a highly qualified winery in the area vocated to Prosecco excellence, translating the characteristics of the terroir in lively and surprising wines.

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Novantaceppi is an all-italian line of wines, a child of its native region.

The wine with its typical character was once born from 90 vines that stand between the surf of the Ionian sea and the towering cliffs of the Adriatic coast.

Ninety was indeed the number of plants that were initially selected for the beginning of this wonderful oenological project. Our wines enclose the distinctive and characteristic traits of our country in their flavours and colours.

It is right here, in the wide and sunny lands of our peninsula that our wines come to life, followed at all stages by our oenologists and our structures in PugliaFriuli and Veneto.

The vines of the primitivo grape embrace the gentle hills of Apulia, while their strong roots soak up the sunny warmth of southern lands soils.

This is why every sip of our wine gives a unique and refined sensory experience, known far beyond the borders of Italy.

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Famiglia Angelillo

The history of Famiglia Angelillo is intertwined with the passion for viticulture and respect for territory.

Our origins are rooted in tradition, in the value of time and in the love that encompasses the purest essence of being, that for our loved ones and for our land.

This is the common thread that unites the family and the dedication to work, a mission that we have chosen to hand down through the generations.

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